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brandon escalante
United States
Plot Outline: A man in a dream state encounters many characters who, one by one, talk about their views on the meaning, perception, and reality of human existence.

Words from "Carolyn (StellaLuna11) from Philly, PA"
{Waking Life has broken new ground surrounding the idea of animation. Filming people, then having artists with different styles "animate" the recorded scenes was brilliant. The visuals are constantly changing, providing an aurora of sights that you can not take your eyes off of. Trippy? Yes, Burnt Out? No- This movie can not only be appreciated for the wild images, but for the story-line as well... On second thought-story-line might not be the right word. The actual "plot" of this movie can be seen as an hour and a half of the most interesting philosophy course one can find. The characters and conversations are deep, fascinating, and thought-provoking. You must see this movie more than once because it is almost impossible to absorb what you see and be able to fully appreciate the genius of the script. I've seen it about 5 times and there are still some scenes I have yet to fully grasp. Sit back and treat your eyes and mind to the most stimulating film of the year.}

I watched this movie and it changed the way I look at things. The whole plot of the movie is just to big for words, the things the characters discuss are mind blowing, this is a must see for movie lovers.

P.S. does anyone know anything about "LUCID DREAMING" if so please let me know thanks.


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